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Peacemaking in Estranged Relationships

KUNM Airdate:
September 29, 2023
National Airdate:
Week of Nov 19, 2023

On this edition of Peace Talks Radio, we explore the incredibly common yet largely undiscussed topic of estrangement. Despite how common it is, people who are estranged from friends or family often experience profound feelings of grief, loneliness and uncertainty. Estrangement can be both voluntary and involuntary, with some making the decision to end a relationship and protect themselves, and others feeling blindsided but someone else's choice. There are many roads to estrangement and just as many to reconciliation, yet neither are ever guaranteed, and that’s okay. Correspondent Julia Joubert speaks to an adult child estranged from her father, and to a woman who was once estranged from her two daughters. Also featured is a licensed psychologist to comment on the case studies and offer resolution paths to both the internal and interpersonal conflicts.

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