How To Be A Better Ally For Peace and Justice

KUNM Airdate:
March 31, 2023
National Airdate:
Week of May 07, 2023
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On this edition of Peace Talks Radio, talk about what it means to be an ally to members of marginalized communities, and the necessary discomfort that comes with growing our awareness about our participation in oppressive structures in society, and how we can all be both the oppressed, as well as the oppressor. Correspondent Sen Zhan speaks with three DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) practitioners: Agnieszka Bua, Margaret Amaka Ohia-Nowak, and Kevin Groen.


As facilitators, (we) let people know that they will feel ...they will feel shame, they will feel guilt and it will be uncomfortable, but they are safe and they are not in danger. Feeling shame and feeling guilt is part of the process.

On the one hand, there is a lack of understanding how language can be powerful and on the other hand, there is also a lack of understanding that language is not everything and changing language behaviors is not enough.

Margaret Amaka Ohia-Nowak
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The biggest service we can do to ourselves, ... and to the relationship with the other person (is) the moment we feel overwhelmed ... to look really deep within ourselves and figure out what is so hard for me about this. If we are willing to sit with those kinds of questions, we have an opportunity to gain incredible insight and wisdom that will help us to develop better relationships in the future.

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